Learn about just who this Bad-ass Motherblogger is, what she does, and why she can do it for you.

As a small business owner and a mom, you’re so many things.

You’re an entrepreneur, a marketer, a social networker, a mother (which has so many roles I’d need a seperate web page to list them all), a partner, and one smart cookie.

What you aren’t  is a writer.

That’s where I can help.  I’m Alaura Weaver, mom of two boys and professional blogger extraordinaire. I’m here to help you reach out to other moms by keeping your business blog fresh with parenting and women’s topics that help direct new customers your way.  Even if your business isn’t specific to the children’s, baby, or maternity industries; providing rich, well-written content from a mother’s point of view could prove to be a very smart move.

Moms are the best people in the world.

I was inspired to start this website as an expansion of my freelance writing business, WordWeaver Freelance, because as a mom and an entrepreneur myself, I’ve found the advice  and support of other moms to be indispensable to my success and my sanity. I love writing about being a mom and about the unique issues that mothers face. I want to provide a voice of reason and compassion to women who are experiencing the pressure-cooker of motherhood.

In addition to writing blogs posts for my WordWeaver clients, I’m a regular guest contributor on Parenting Pad, where I like to write about things I wish someone had told me as I was preparing to be a mom. I also had my own mommy blog for a bit during that glorious time when I had an only child. After we had baby number two, I realized I needed to be more than “just a mom.” So I decided to start a freelance copywriting business. It’s been one of the best decisions of my life.

I love to help other moms on their journey to professional success. We’re so much more than “just moms.” The sooner we begin to identify who we are, what our passions are, and how we can fill our lives with our passions, the closer we’ll get to finding a balance between being “mommy” and being “me.” That’s why I want to work with other women who are starting their own businesses and need great content for their websites.

Why hire a blogger?

As a web-savvy entrepreneur, you probably already know the importance of blogs to inbound marketing and web traffic. I won’t go through the spiel here, but  if you’d like some insight as to how often you should update your blog, here’s a recent article from HubSpot.

According to the article, small businesses with 1-10 employees that posted 11 or more articles to their blogs per month saw a substantial increase in traffic to their sites over companies of the same size that posted fewer monthly articles. Now, I’m going to assume that between running your business and running after kids, the thought of writing at least 3 500-word blog posts per week can seem a bit overwhelming. Heck, it seems daunting to write that many posts for my own business, and it’s what I’m paid to do!

That’s why having someone like me to take care of blogging for you can be a life-saver. Even if you’re a fantastic writer and you love to blog, I can act as a “ghost-blogger” when life gets in the way of your publishing schedule.

So that’s why you should hire me.

Now let’s talk about what’s so smart about targeting your blog to other moms.

some important things to know about moms:

1) We rely on other moms for good advice.

We’re all learning this motherhood thing as we go along and we need each other for support and wisdom. As card-carrying members of Club Mama, 64% of us follow the advice of other moms when making buying decisions. That’s a substantial amount of influence we have upon each other.

2) We <3 the interwebs.

When I had my first child, my husband actually had to do an intervention because I was spending so much time on my smartphone Facebooking and googling and reading mommy blogs, looking for answers while I dealt with breasfeeding problems. He didn’t get why I was spending so much time on the internet, but as a fellow mama, you probably get where I was coming from. Motherhood can be very isolating, especially in those first years, and sometimes the only connection we can get to the world outside our tiny baby bubbles is an electronic one. That’s why 90% of moms are online and 63% read blogs.

3) We have the purchasing power to buy ALL THE THINGS.

The next time someone refers to a mother as “just a mom,” think about this little stat: we represent a $2.4 TRILLION market. Let’s repeat that: $2.4 TRILLION. To give some perspective, the entire GDP of India, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, was $1.8 trillion last year. So if that person meant “just a representative member of the biggest segment of the world economy,” then sure—I’m just a mom.

4) We love companies that speak to us.

When Netflix announced its unlimited parental leave policy, a few hours later, Microsoft announced is was expanding its parental leave policy to provide 20 weeks of leave at 100% pay for birth mothers. This set the precedent for other firms to start taking the needs of employees with children seriously.

What caused this sudden change of heart?

Netflix got the market talking about the importance of parental leave, and the market demanded it.

And guess what? With 85% of buying decisions made by women, WE are the market.

Smart CEOs know that the best way to earn the business of women is to make them feel heard. What better way to make your audience feel heard than to provide them with a blog full of useful, entertaining content written from the perspective of another mom?